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Thrive After Midlife

A Journey of Conscious Transformation from Crisis to Growth

  • Do you feel life has thrown you a curveball, just as you were cruising along so nicely?
  • Are you in the middle of an unwelcome, unforeseen life change?
  • Has life given you a wake-up call in the form of a relationship challenge, divorce, bereavement, empty nest, health issues or career /financial problems?
  • Are you stuck in feeling like a hopeless and powerless victim of circumstance?
  • Does your bucket list of hopes and dreams feel further away than ever and you are running out time?
  • Or have you stopped hoping and dreaming altogether and are unsure what your purpose in life really is?
  • Do you feel it's too late to start afresh? 
  • Do you ruminate over regrets about missed opportunities and 'What if's'?

If you answer any of the above with a YES, my new signature 12 week online group coaching programme THRIVE AFTER MIDLIFE will give you the insight, tools and support to change what you can: YOURSELF - and thus reclaim your true role as the creator of your life experience.


Having facilitated transformation in countless individual clients and groups for nearly two decades, I have navigated my own midlife challenges of parental bereavement, empty nest and marriage breakdown over the past three years and emerged stronger, more loving, and more convinced than ever that the Universe (Benevolent Energy / Creator / God - please fill in your own preferred term) wants us to be joyful and at peace. Yet, this state of joy and peace is the result of personal choice and action in a world of free will. In a quantum entangled universe, each individual's inner joy and peace contribute to the joy and peace of the Whole. This is what the ancient Hermetic mystics referred to when they stated: "As above, so below" and  "As within, so without", emphasizing the connection between an individual's internal state, thoughts, beliefs and emotions (the "within") and the external circumstances, experiences, and manifestations in their life (the "without").  Therefore, by working on our inner state, reshaping beliefs, thought patterns and reactive emotions, we can affect the external circumstances or outcomes in life.


During this 12 week transformative process you will become aware of the deepest roots of your feelings and understand, practice and embody the mechanics of change and manifestation. You will become aware of the beliefs and thought patterns that shaped your reality up to now and how to transform and transcend them to generate different emotions and raise your frequency on the Scale of Consciousness outlined by David R. Hawkins in his seminal book Power vs Force. By the end of the programme, your energy will have changed, and you will be on your way to mastery of manifestion!


Even though we apply spiritual concepts in this programme, you don't need to be spiritually inclined to participate or benefit. All the tools and principles we apply are evidence-based and suitable for everyone.

This programme, consisting of 12 weekly live interactive Zoom calls, recorded weekly meditations and exercises for daily practice, an accountabilty buddy, a dedicated Facebook group offering a supportive community of peers, will leave you empowered and support you to take action for meaningful and lasting change.


You will gain

  • Clarity and Direction: By creating an inventory of limiting beliefs and identifying your early conditioning, you will become aware of how you unconsciously contributed to creating your life so far. You will also clarify your intrinsic values, your purpose and life priorities and goals for the future and create a roadmap for future growth and fulfilment.
  • Personal Development and Growth: Through a variety of interactive exercises and guided mediations, you will discover your inner 'household of selves', especially your inner child and your inner critic, leading to deeper understanding of how these inner parts unconsciously drive your behaviour and co-create your reality. Befriending these inner characters and integrating them will allow you to harness their qualities without letting them run the show!
  • Support in Navigating Change: Whether your challenge lies in the area of finances/career, relationships or health, you will have reframed your understanding of your situation and see more options and different solutions than before. You will have overcome feelings of stuckness and hopelessness and are ready to take enthusiastic action!
  • Health and Well-being: By the end of the course you will have strengthened your own physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing through establishing a daily practice of your choice.
  • Positive Mindset and Resilience: You will have experienced and embodied a new level of self-love and acceptance, forgive yourself and others, cultivate a positive mindset, develop resilience and overcome limiting beliefs. Societal or familial preconceptions associated with age will have lost their hold over you! You are ready to embrace life's challenges as opportunities.
  • Connection and Community: The course is a safe space to explore and express your feelings and no longer struggle alone. The Zoom calls are interactive and will include opportunities to share in small groups. We celebrate our successes and shifts together which will leave you with a lasting sense of self-worth and confidence.  You will have the opportunity to forge friendships with your peers beyond the course.
  • Actionable Strategies and Accountability: The course is packed with practical, actionable strategies and tools that you can implement in your daily life, supported by an accountability mechanism to track progress and stay committed to the process throughout.
  • Meaningful and Fulfilling Life: This programme will endow you with a greater sense self-love, self-forgiveness and gratitude and enable you to live a more purposeful, meaningful and joyful life, at peace with yourself and in alignment with your values and aspirations.


This page is a Beta version as the programme is still being developped. Do contact me if you would like to find out more or be on my pre-launch info list.

Benefits and Relevance



Course tutors:

Lead tutor:
Andrea Klein is a Spiritual Companions Educator, healer and mindfulness-based coach. A linguist with a background in the film industry and in secondary education, Andrea retrained extensively in mid-life and now uses healing, energy psychology, mindfulness, EFT and NLP to enable people from all walks of life to develop their spiritual and emotional literacy, empowering them to make transformative choices and deepen into Being. It is her passion to bring more spirituality and consciousness into the mainstream and help more people to become the change they want to see in the world.

Application and administration

There are no academic entry requirements. Applicants must be over 18. You will complete an application survey, which requires you to give some life history and describe your motivation. My main concern is that participants demonstrate the ability to self-manage. Participants must have access to the Internet as the course is entirely online.






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